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Welcome to Maian Cart

Thank you for your interest in Maian Cart, a fast, robust & FREE e-commerce platform built using PHP & MySQL.

For many companies, online e-commerce is an integral part of their business. Many small businesses have found a tremendous amount of success moving to an online platform, due to the fact its fully automated and 24hrs. An online shop is always open for business.

The key to online success can be in the e-commerce software you`ll need to run your online store. Standalone applications are far more cost effective than custom programmed solutions.

Maian Cart is a powerful e-commerce system, which has all the features you need to run your online store.

The FREE version has a few minor limitations which can be unlocked by purchasing the commercial upgrade. As added incentive, this also includes copyright removal. There is also a Developers Licence for anyone who is thinking of purchasing multiple licences.

Maian Cart is great software at a very affordable price. No subscriptions, just a one-off payment for the commercial version. Future upgrades and updates won`t cost you a penny.

Maian Cart has no nag screens, ads or spyware and can be used FREE forever. Why not give it a try today? To get started, click the download link right or view the features page.

Thank you!

24 Supported Payment Methods - No Plugins Required - Installed as Standard

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"We've been using the Cart for a few months now and as always the support team at Maian always answer our questions. I had to let people know about this because I thought it was awesome!

We had to refund a customer the other day (very rare for us) but refunded her through the PayPal account she paid with. I then went into the Cart Admin to cancel the order but couldn't find it!

I checked the Sales list and it has already been automatically set to "refunded" now how COOL is that! even our 25.00 a month cart didn't have that option! Its the simplest things that make all the difference.

Looking forward to the next release of the Cart!"
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FREE Upgrades for Life

Many software solutions offer free upgrades for 1 year, after which another licence is required. Maian Cart is NOT rip off subscription software. You pay once ONLY and ALL future upgrades are FREE of charge. Guaranteed!

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