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A few people have been kind enough to leave feedback on their experience with Maian Cart.

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I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I'm glad I decided to buy your software . It’s really great how easy your websites are to update and manage. I never have any problems learning it at all.

My new site is so much faster and easier to work with.

Now it’s almost like having a designer right here with me. I just choose the page, make the change and click save. It's so simple.

Thanks, guys!
- Muhammed Ziad Cassim
I have been using phpcart up till a while ago, because it is no longer being supported. I can tell you your cart software beats the hell out of theirs.
- David (Lebanon)
We've been using the Cart for a few months now and as always the support team at Maian always answer our questions. I had to let people know about this because I thought it was awesome!

We had to refund a customer the other day (very rare for us) but refunded her through the PayPal account she paid with. I then went into the Cart Admin to cancel the order but couldn't find it!

I checked the Sales list and it has already been automatically set to "refunded" now how COOL is that! even our £25.00 a month cart didn't have that option! Its the simplest things that make all the difference.

Looking forward to the next release of the Cart!
- SunDog
Maian Cart is one of the best free Shopping Cart systems available to date. FACT! We run a small on-line retail business and wanted to move away from expensive overheads of hosted cart systems to something we could manipulate with ease when the need arises. Main Cart fitted the bill perfectly and for a small fee Dave not only took our design ideas on board and tweaked the system to meet our needs but also helped install and give valuable support for the few weeks after go live
- Mark Bayliss -
I have recently downloaded and used your script maiancart and I'd like to say it's amazing! Exactly what I'm looking for and what I need.
- Blessing Dube
The wait is over. If you have been using Maian Cart V1 in the past for a simple online shopping cart, V2 is a must to upgrade. Be amazed with cool new features that no other free online shopping cart scripts have to offer. I was fortunate to be one of the beta testers for this version & I must say, the developer really took the time to code this script with the end users in mind.
- Duc Su
After many tries at finding a perfect cart both for myself and my customers, I have finally found it. Maian cart 2 has everything 99% of online retailers require. It isn't bloated but the developer has taken care to ensure it meets the needs of todays online buying experience. Easy to set up and maintain, fast to load and backed by superb aftersales support.

If you are looking for a shopping cart that is easy to manage both from a reseller or an end user point of view, you have reached your final destination. Just try it, I'm sure you will agree.
- George Warwick - Mercia Hosting
I was using ZenCart before I tried Maian, and there really is no comparison. This is soooo slick, it really does everything and more than I could have hoped for, and with such simplicity.
- Steven Glass - VitaminRox
I have been using Maian products for a number of years. Any problems, contact the guys & the problem will be sorted. Possibly the friendliest company, selling top quality software at the best possible prices. This might sound like an advert, it is not, it is one very happy customer wishing to share his good fortune with other people.
- Rui Simao
I have been using both Maian Event and Maian Cart for a long time now and they both works like a charm. The best things with Maian Media is the outstanding service that is given to the user of the programs. If you want to change a little bit of code to fit your special needs, or having some questions about setting the program up, they are always there to help you out! Highly recommended!
- Lasse Svenssson / Sweden
I would like to say that I tried and tested many, many shopping cart scripts before trying yours and found most over priced and loaded with items that would only suit a major store, where as your cart does most of the things the others do, without the clutter and in some cases your cart does a lot more.

What I really like about it is it clean to the point and does exactly what I require.
- Brian Stoneman
David made a excelent script, congratulation for all your work! Very easy to use, great and fast support, templates are very easy to use, css file very well structured. Help files are very usefull and easy to understand.
- African Art Style
Maian Cart is the best cart I've used so far (I've used X-Cart, Interspire 6, and many "free" scripts)
- Joe
I must record my congratulations to you on producing such a magnificent piece of software. Although it is very comprehensive and powerful offering countless facilities, it still retains a very user-friendly and intuitive interface for the administrator.

Earlier this year I was searching for a shopping cart so that I could implement e-shopping for some of our clients' websites. When I stumbled across Maian Cart version-1 I was impressed, but as soon as I discovered that version-2 was being produced I halted my work and waited for the new version to arrive. I must say that my waiting has not been in vain as I now have access to a brilliant piece of software that makes creating a shopping cart a "breeze".

If anyone is looking to implement a shopping cart quickly and easily (without having to understand in-depth programming) then I strongly recommend you take a look at Maian Cart version-2.
- David Dempster - Management training consultant at Teamwork International
This cart is my absolute number one for digital download. There is no better script than this one. I love the old script (V1) but the long waiting for version 2 was worth it.. I will recommend it to all my friends !!
- DutchDots
We loved the old cart but this new version is so far and above it's crazy. I hope people will find this cart and gets the recognition it deserves. I will surely be recommending it to everyone I know looking for a cart solution. Once again thank you for all the hard work.
- Shane Carr - Talquin Trading Co

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