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System Requirements

For Maian Cart to run on your server, the following modules / features MUST be installed:

PHP software
JSON functions
ZIP Archive Class
Simple XML functions
MYSQLi database
MCRYPT library*
OPENSSL library*
CURL functions
.HTACCESS & mod_rewrite
* The MCrypt library is required for installations using PHP5.6 to PHP7.3 (7.4 and 8.0 coming soon)

The OpenSSL library is required for installations using PHP7.1 or higher.

If you are unsure what modules are available, don`t worry, the Maian Cart installer will automatically check the required modules are available.

VPS / Dedicated Server

It is recommended you run this software on a VPS or Dedicated server. Shared servers are NOT reliable, can have security issues and generally don`t have the processing power to maintain a successful e-commerce site.

Download Security

It is important that you have access on your server to at least 1 directory lower than the public folder so that your downloadable files are stored securely and are NOT accessible via web scrapers.


Maian Cart has a customer login system. To protect your customers data is it important that you install SSL for your store so that data is encrypted before transmission. You can obtain free SSL certificates via Let`s Encrypt. There is NO excuse for no SSL.

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